Welcome to Alexander Technique Haarlem

You want to work, exercise, play music, dance, present, communicate in the best possible way. So you want to make sure that you don't run into trouble, pain or injury because of how you do things.

The Alexander technique is a down-to-earth method which can help you accomplish this. You learn to improve your coordination, which will lead to better balance and breathing. You will be more comfortable in your body and in your mind. This will cause you to work, run, sing, dance or play the violin more effectively and with less tension. Besides, in most people it unexpectedly triggers a lighter feeling, more energy and balance in the daily activities: cooking, washing up, walking, sitting, driving.

Have you never heard of the Alexander Technique? Then you're not the only one. But although the Alexander Technique is relatively unknown it has been used very successfully over the past one hundred years by people of widely varying backgrounds (for examples look under Alexander technique). Would you like to know more? Please have a look around this website or contact us for an appointment.

Artist in Balance

Gilles is a consultant and for Violinist in Balance/Artist in Balance. He is working closely with founder Criss Taylor and the rest of the team to help string players deal with the challenges posed by their instruments. We design custom made chinrests and shoulder rests and teach people how to play with ease and comfort.